I like to compare this to Lady Gaga‘s song “Bad Romance“. Only because of the title seeing that, and I’m sorry high school sweethearts, most relationships you have through high school will not work out once you hit college.

I will say there is a glimmer of hope seeing that I know of one relationship that lasted and they are now engaged, but that’s only after a lot of hard work put in by the both of them.

Most relationships though may last through the first year or so of college, but hardly last past that. It’s because most people get to college and realize what is there. Parties, new people and experiences and it sort-of take over the person. Going to college is an overwhelming experience especially for someone who has not ever been out on their own before.

When I was a freshman I had a boyfriend that did actually last me into my second year of college when I was actually back at my county college. I will say though that being in that relationship hurt me when I was a freshman because I didn’t actually get the freshman experience like others. In some cases students should get that experience because it’s the intro into your own life.

Love ultimately conquers all and I will say that if you are devoted to your sweetheart, don’t give up. Understand though the situation that the two of you will be put in especially if you are going to different schools. Trust is the main component.



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