So this is it, the end of the semester…

For me this means that I’m finally entering my (official) senior year and looking forward to graduating next May. Yay! class of 2012! For a lot of students this is about where they are, and as for you, my readers, this is graduation.

As much as I would like to keep this blog alive and kicking, I don’t know if I will be able to. So that being said I’m saying farewell (for now). When school starts again you’ll probably hear my thoughts once more.

My last good-bye tip for all those students out there that could sum up this entire blog is to stay focused. For example I write this right now while multitasking, BAD IDEA! This is something though that no matter what students will always do. It’s like telling a teenage girl to put down her cell phone during dinner. It’s never gonna happen.

In memory of this blog here are my top 5 favorite posts:



Classroom Focus


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Peace love and applesauce guys, thank you for reading!



Paul Turner is a dedicated dance professor at Rowan University with his own unique style of teaching. Students of his respect and learn to understand the “method to his madness” which in the end help them on and off the dance floor.

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Freshmen Aspirations

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When your a freshman in college it’s hard to know where you are going to be in four years. I met up with three freshmen, Meghan, Chelsea and Sam who all have a pretty good assumption of what they want to do after they graduate. For many freshmen this is a hard decision, and who is to say that in three more years when these girls are ready to graduate that their aspirations will have changed. Take a listen:


Once someone graduates college it is almost expected of them to get their “real job”. How likely is that to actually happen? For some it does, most does not…so now what?

I’m about to graduate next year and I don’t even know where to even begin looking for my permanent job. Honestly, in the journalism department it’s hard to say that the job you get fresh out of college might even be around in the few years after. Yet, when something unexpected happens to get your dream job…you follow it.

My friend Christopher Colon got his dream job, and he’s not even out of college yet…

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College is full of experiences and chances to do new things. It’s important for students to go outside of their room once in a while, and this is one example of something that Rowan University offers for it’s students. Similar events happen at every college.

The best advice I can give any college student for survival is: MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE A GOOD SCHEDULE! I cannot put enough emphasis on that.

The best way to survive college so that you aren’t racking your brain the begining of every semester is to make your schedule ahead of time. When you’re a freshman and choosing your major they give you a sheet that has all the classes that you will need to take to graduate on it, as well as the amount of free electives they want you to have. Take that information and make your schedule for the next four years of your life.

It’s a little thinking ahead, but in the long run it will help you because that way you already know what classes your going to need to sign up for. If one class you need isn’t available when you register check with your advisor or the department chair and see if there is an alternate class you can take that will still count towards your major.



Paying attention in class is just as important as attending. I see a lot of students that their bodies arrive to class but their minds are elsewhere. Those far off places could be on Facebook if they are in a computer lab, or on their phones looking for what the night is going to bring them.

What I’m trying to get at here is to just not do it. The professors will realize what it is that you are doing, and in some cases will mark off your grade for participation if the distractions keep up. You or your parents are shelling out a lot of money for you to sit in that classroom for 70 minutes, don’t waste it.

Not to say we all don’t fall victim to these distractions, but it’s acknowledging it and correcting it. My freshman year that’s all I did was not pay attention. I doodled, on my notebook or just day dreamed my semesters away….I’m paying for it now. My grades weren’t so great and now I’m trying to play catch up so I don’t graduate as a “C” student.

Just pay attention, eventually something in that class or classes will spark your interests.


In honor of April Fool’s Day the class that I T.A. (teaching assist) for was planning on pranking the professor since she was running a little late this morning. Just wanted to say that it backfired. We were going to hide in the corner of the room with the lights off and the door shut, like no one showed up. Well…she ended up showing up at the wrong moment and caught us. Needless to say if it actually worked out it would have been pretty funny.

Pranking is a delicate artform and college students seem to perfect it. Anytime is a good time for pranks. My freshman year I pranked one of my roommates, Brittany, around Halloween in what I like to call, “The Bloody Halloween Massacre.” Read the rest of this entry »

Claudia Cuddy is the Journalism Department Chair at Rowan University. She helps students on a daily basis prepare for what is to come after college. I got a chance to sit down with her and get an interview after getting some advice of my own for my classes. She talks about how students in the past have achieved greatness and how others seem to have fallen off the college path. She has great advice for students who are preparing to graduate along with students that are already graduated. Take a listen…





Every college student (well most of them) know about pulling all nighters. Once you hit that first week of midterms your freshman year you’ll know or already know what I mean. It is ok to pull one or two a year but they really take a toll on you if they happen often.

The most common all-nighter habits I’ve seen is insane amounts of coffee, energy drinks or just drinks with alcohol in them to keep students awake. Everything from 5-Hour Energy to a coffee pot on constant re-brew, it doesn’t seem like college kids are getting the hint that maybe it is bad for them to be doing all nighters every night.

Having a social life in important in college, but also getting the school work done that costs you or your parents thousands of dollars every 4 months is more important. I’m not going to sit here and say that all-nighters shouldn’t happen period but what I am saying is that they shouldn’t be frequent.

If you must stay up to finish schoolwork and you already know that your going to have to…pace yourself. Or on the opposing side, make sure that all your work gets done in a resonable time frame where you can complete your work without breaking a sweat come the due date.